Compactui For Substratum

Compactui For Substratum

Compactui For Substratum

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Theme Almost Any App or UI on Stock Android Using Substratum [How-To]

Theme Your Phone With Substratum


this theme was designed for Substratum OMS roms, please use a rom with full Substratum support!

you need root/custom rom to use this theme!

CompactUI is a carefully crafted theme that changes most of the phones user interface aspects, designed with pixel perfect precision in mind, it steers away from popular material design guidelines in favor of line traced glyphs known and loved by many, from compacticons icon pack (creative commons license)

themed elements will multiply with time and coming updates, currently including:

- framework
- quick settings
- notifications
- dialer
- contacts
- camera
- calculator
- acdisplay
- messaging
- play store
- google plus
- keyboard
- play music
- hangouts
- twitter
- instagram
- custom bootanimation
- navigation buttons
- lock/unlock sounds
- fonts

and more in updates :)

- custom loading spinners
- fixed checkboxes and radio buttons
- added theme for YouTube
- added missing icons to various apps
- added dark variant (currently only dialer and settings)
- other small bugfixes